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Re: Kennerley

Kennerley Old Style was designed by Goudy in 1911 for Mitchell Kennerley, a
New York publisher. The UK rights were bought by Caslon in 1913, and the US
rights by Lanston Monotype in 1920.

I have fond memories for the face, as it was the one in use where I first
learned to print at school. And The Alembic Press has subsequently used it
for various jobbing booklets, prospecuses, etc, and for several books - eg
       Delittle, an English Wood Letter Manufacturer (1981)
       A Countryman's Verse (1981)
       Winchester Folios (1982)
       The Alembic Press Guide (1983) (later editions used different faces)
       The Compton Marbling Pattern Book (1986)
       Handmade Papers of the Himalayas (1986)
       Handmade Papers of India (1987)
       Plant Paper's Paper Plants (1989)

We have not used Kennerley for recent books, as we only have it for hand
setting, and since we acquired Monotyp[e casters, our later books have been
machine set. But it is a very flexible typeface to use, and can cope with a
variety of papers and designs.

David Bolton, The Alembic Press

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