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600 year birthday of Gutenberg

We just got our new Chase's Annual Events for the year 2000 and noticed
that the 600th anniversary of Johannes Gutenber's birth is coming up on
Feb 24, 1400.  Maybe some people will want to plan special events or parties.
Here's what it says:

Johannes Gutenberg
Birth * Feb 24, 1400 * 600 years

A craftsman who invented movable type in the mid-1400s.  His invention
was used without change until the 20th century.  Guetenberg is credited
with the 42-line Bible known as the Guenberg Bible or Mazarin Bible.  It
is said that this is the first book printed with movable type.  Born at
Mainz, Germany, he died there, Feb. 3, 1468.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

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