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Brass type

        Brass fonts
        Mon, 11 Oct 1999 22:08:19 +0000
        "C. Brown" <03643518060-0001@t-online.de>

Hello Folks,

I've posted some brass fonts that I've got for sale at the following URL:


Now just to make it clear these fonts are not type-high. They are 7mm
in heigth.  I have found them to be quite useful though
(I use a kwikprint from the U.S.). These fonts are normally
glued to the to a piece of cardboard in the typographic style
desired and then mounted to the heated plate of a "prägepress".

As the kwikprint is not made to function without type-high type I took
mounts used normally for hotstamping clichés and glued this brass type
to that instead using a mix of pva and wheat past (planatol rh-8 to be
exact). It works fine and that's why I've kept the price low.

By the way there were (are?) type-holder sold here in Europe for this
type size.

Have a look...

All the best.


C. Brown Buchbinden & Restaurierung
Potsdam, Germany

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