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Re: Response to Re: Learn this

I must agree!  This topic may be a little outdated, as I have been out of
town for the past two weeks but here goes--

<<Dear MaryJeanne,

What a wonderful thing -- purchasing artists' books for education!
You are a prize.

Bertha Rogers>>

As a child of the early seventies, my life was not all about popsicle sticks,
macaroni, and glitter.  I had a wonderful teacher, Ms. Shipon, in the first
grade, who taught us to marble and do a 5-station pamphlet stitch.  Each
student was asked to write a story and put it to paper, albeit with magic
marker.  We then marbled our covers with supervision and cased the book in.

To this day  "Pipa is a Pig"  circa 1977 is my earliest work, and sits
proudly in my studio.  It is a charming story of a pig who makes its way to
our dinner table via the slaughter house.  Needless to say, I have been a
vegetarian for fourteen years!

After years of formal class and studio work in graphic design and
photography, I have gladly taken these skills and brought them back to my
childhood to open my own bindery, foureleven (my height) bookworks.

I would never have known, nor thought as a child that I could make my own
coloring books,  and then as an adult, my own portfolios and cohesive books
had it not been for that one demonstration by my Ms. Shipon....I have taken
the gift and returned it by going to schools and teaching, myself.  I have
taught Polarloid workshops to fifth graders, I have taught rubber stamping
and binding your own "coloring book" to first and second graders....I have
taught adults...

Which leads me to this thread...While I agree that the public schools do need
a bit of funding and some classical theory, it is completely within our grasp
as artists to furnish some hardcore hands-on knowledge.  Go to your child's
class as I have read one of us has, volunteer at a day camp for some ribbon
binding, go to the local public school and make a proposal.  Expect nothing
from this day of teaching happy little faces, but an amazing gift we give to
our children that is returned when we see the smile on their faces, that yes,
they get it, and it's fun!  You never know when a little bookbinding could
come in handy....

Julie Horowitz
foureleven bookworks

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