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Re: 600 year birthday of Gutenberg

The Japanese also used metal type.  My memory is that it was always movable
type (ie one character per piece; reusable) and that use was in several
centuries (but not a big factor in printing; woodblocks being the main
printing method). I believe moveable metal type was still used in Asia in
the 15th century---before Gutenberg started the use in Europe.

If this stays as a topic of interest I can try to find some sources over the

Cathy Atwood
Jefferson City, Missouri

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From: David Klappholz [mailto:davidk6@IDT.NET]
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 11:41 AM
Subject: Re: 600 year birthday of Gutenberg

I've often heard this, but haven't made the effort to find the details.
Were the Chinese using single-ideogram type slugs?  Were the Koreans using
single-alphabetic character type slugs?  Did either continue to use movable
metal type into the fifteenth century?


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