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Re: Journal / Diary Book

Hello Jason Thompson,

I have received your call for entries through the book arts listserv (and I
am a student of Juliana Coles in Albuquerque, with whom you've been
corresponding) and am very interested in submitting some books for
"Creating & Keeping Visual Journals". I've been extremely busy and haven't
gotten it together yet, but am in the process of doing so. Some extra time
would be nice -- is this possible? I think that you've actually seen some
of my work in some photos that have been sent to you by Juliana Coles. I
appreciate your consideration for the extra time.  The book sounds really
great. I  am actually in the habit of keeping a few visual journals going
at the same time. They are conceptually different but are journals in the
traditional sense that I try to work in them as often as possible and the
pages reflect my state of mind at the time of creation. Right now I am
working on an altered journal book called "Find and Use Your Inner Power"
(the book being altered has the same title, by Emmet Fox, but the content
and pages are reworked in journal form); another book called "Diagnostink"
which is a collection of Rorschach-style ink blots that I create, think
about, and briefly write about (mostly just one to a few words, but
meaningful nonetheless) in a jornal keeping-like process (some of these
blots have been collected into an artist book). Another book is a garden
journal called "Inflourescence" which is split into two sections, the front
section being primarily collage, and the back section being plantlife from
the garden dried flat and pasted in. Other books that I am considering
submitting include "@Work" which include things I write about, create, and
collect at work; and "Listening to the Wind, Air and Trees: selected daily
writings and stories the birds told me" which is a collection of stories
with corresponding collage art -- I am hesistant to submit this  project
because I am in the process of turning it into a collection of artist
books. Is this too much? It is to me now that I'm really thinking about it.

I appreciate your consideration and looking forward to hearing from you.

Valerie Roybal

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