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Is It A Book?

Is It A Book? A page on nonlinearity in literature and the book arts by
Karen Drayne (a.k.a. Powell), Barbara Davison, and Emily-Jane Dawson has
moved and is now being hosted by the Book Arts Web
<http://www.philobiblon.com/isitabook>. It can be easily viewed via the
Book Arts Links page where it is at the top of the featured links section,
or go directly there at <http://www.philobiblon.com/isitabook>.

The text below comprises the introduction to this site.

Is It A Book?

In which you will find a number of Discussions on the Nonlinearity of
certain parts of Ancient and Modern Literature, and Arts, together with
illustrations and descriptions of same, brought together here with the idea
of enhancing a greater understanding and appreciation of these Arts,
especially with a view to how they may enhance the Life of the Mind.

"'Begin at the beginning,' the King said gravely, 'and go on till you come
to the end: then stop.'"
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in wonderland

What is the psychological weight of text? We would like to consider how the
printed word changes as it is presented in different methods. The process
of reading is effectively an act of translation; so how can the author,
publisher or presenter affect the quality of this translation?

Do you feel differently about this word than this one? By stressing the
second word, have we changed its meaning? Clearly the presentation of text
has very much to do with the character of its consumption. If merely
italicizing a single word can change the cadence of a sentence in the
reader's mind, imagine what bolder experiments with format and presentation
can do.

With this webpage we will explore some of the possibilities for affecting
the perception of text. We are pleased to present an overview of graphic
text representation in western culture, look at nonlinearity in literature
and the book arts, and share some thoughts about the future of text and the
book in the new electronic age.

We hope you enjoy making this journey with us - we are delighted to have
the chance to explore these issues in some depth and glad to share our
virtual journey with you. Read on!

I'm glad to have been able to preserve this site and keep it accessible to
Philobiblon: Book arts different by design
Peter D. Verheyen
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