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Re: Old photo repair

On Wednesday, October 13, 1999 4:26 PM, Betty Storz [SMTP:storz@MCN.ORG]
> My niece sent me this plea for help.
> ...
> My photo of Marion Harris has gotten torn in the corner.  I can glue it
> back on, but I was wondering what kind of glue I should use that won't
> deteriorate the photo.  Figured with your bookbinding expertise you
> should know.
> Linda
I guess one thing to know would be what kind of photo paper is it: in
particular, is it plain paper or "resin coated" paper. The latter has been
essentially sized to death at the factory to make the darkroom processing
of the prints go faster and use less chemicals. This sizing can, however,
affect which type of glue might be used.

If there's any sort of trade mark, brand name, product number, etc. printed
on the back of the photo that might identify whether it is resin coated.

Also, what type of surface does the print have (glossy or matte)?

 -Kevin Martin
  the Papertrail

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