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Re: washi abrasion/marbling paper

<<Thanks for your comments, Julie.  I decided not to use  the umbrella
washi, but I might make a sample and try it out.  I have never had a
problem with using PVA on any Japanese papers, but I'll watch out for it.
I'm not sure that I could tell a stenciled from a screen printed sheet.
What do I look for and why does it matter in application?>>

In response, Joyce, most screen printed papers are larger sized at 31 x 43
and such, sold by the full, half, or quarter sheet.  The screen printing
process allows the ink to sit nicely on the surface for the most part, often
including many passes of color and metallics.  Most chyogamis and yuzens fall
into this category.

While I am not sure of the exact inks used, the stencil dyed papers tend to
bleed the ink through to the other side of the paper.   Stencil dyes also
tend to be on the monochromatic or simple polychromatic sides, rarely using

Hope this helps.

Take care,

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