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Re: a rookie question: BLACK PAPER

In response to the following query from Pat Sorbini:
> What is that black
>paper traditionally used in old-fashioned photo books?I checked my sample
>books and an 80lb classic laid paper loooked right as a swatch, but I have
>other paper that weight that feels too stiff for pages. Is there a special
>paper made for this purpose?

French Paper Co. makes a black acid free paper that is a cover stock.  An
alternative to Arches 100% Rag Black cover and it is less expensive.  I
think it's called Speckletone.  Check with any paper dealer for a catalog
of their papers.  I believe it was mentioned on this list before.

>Also, what would you do for spacers in the
>binding of an album this size? I'm thinking of about 20 pages.

You can use the same black paper as the stubbing/spacer material.  Either
fold over an extra 3/4-1" of the paper or cut the paper into strips to
place between the pages.  Check out the book "The Thames and Hudson Manual
of Bookbinding"  by Arthur W. Johnson for the section on "Loose-leaf and
gurard books" for practical instructions.

Good luck,

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