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New Book Repair manual now online at the Book Arts Web

I would like announce that this new book repair manual is now on-line at
the Book Arts Web. In it are described three relatively non-invasive
techniques for repairing (circulating) texts in libraries. Great photos and
copy. Read about these techniques which were demonstrated at the 1998
Annual American Library Association meeting in D.C. Below is the text from
the introduction. Links to the manual are in the Tutorial section of Book
Arts Links and from the Conservation Sites page. The direct URL is
<http://www.philobiblon.com/bkrepair/BookRepair.html>. Take a look. The
publication is also available by mail. Full contact information in the manual.


Three Basic Book Repair Procedures

By Carole Dyal and Pete Merrill-Oldham

Hinge Tightening I
Hinge Tightening II
Tipping-In Loose Pages
Conclusions - References

In libraries large and small, minor repair is a critical component in
overall efforts to care for collections of books and journals. Bound
volumes mended as soon as they show signs of damage may never require more
complex repair or binding. A book with tightened hinges is sometimes more
sturdy after treatment than it was at the time of purchase.

Following are instructions for carrying out three basic cost-effective
procedures for repairing hard-cover volumes. They were prepared to
accompany all-day demonstrations presented at the 1998 Annual Meeting of
the American Library Association in Washington, DC. The Library of Congress
generously offered space in the LC exhibit booth in support of this pilot
project. It focuses on early intervention as a means of delaying or
eliminating the need for more time consuming and expensive treatment.

This project was made possible through generous support from Acme
Bookbinding (Charlestown, MA), Bridgeport National Bindery (Agawam, MA),
Conservation Resources International (Springfield, VA), Gaylord Bros.
(Syracuse, NY), Information Conservation Incorporated and the Etherington
Conservation Center (Brown Summit, NC), the Library Binding Institute
(Edina, MN), Library Binding Service (Des Moines, IA), Ocker & Trapp
Library Bindery (Emerson, NJ), SOLINET (Atlanta, GA), and University
Products (Holyoke, MA).
Philobiblon: Book arts different by design
Peter D. Verheyen
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