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New Book Announcement

Passing along the following announcement from Jan & Jarmila Sobota. --Dave.


We are sending greetings from Czech Republic. This is the information about our new
miniature book:

   THE TEN COMMANDMENTS -- http://www.dhc.net/~lawrence/Sobotas/Decalogue.html

On the occasion of the year 2000, what better way to mark the Millennium? The Ten
Commandments - the historic message which addresses everyone. J & J Sobota's Book Arts
Studio has published The Ten Commandments in ten languages: Latin, Czech, English, French,
German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Slovak.

The Ten Commandments is a miniature book, 3 x 2 inches, in the shape of a cross. The book
is enclosed in a "medieval pouch," which monks used to wear at their waist. This is a
limited edition of one hundred numbered and signed copies, published and bound by Jan and
Jarmila Sobota at their studio in Loket, Czech Republic, in 1999. Each book is printed in
gold on handmade paper and bound in various colors of goatskin, sheepskin or calfskin. The
binding of each copy is done with a multi-colored onlay in shades of brown, blue, beige,
yellow, pink, violet, black, orange, yellow and red; and finished with gold tooling,
thereby making each copy unique. The elegant design resembles a jewel.

The cost of The Ten Commandments is US$200 plus postage of US$10 within Europe and US$15
outside of Europe. Equivalent checks in major currencies, including Eurochecks, VISA and
Mastercard are accepted.

Jan & Jarmila Sobota
Radnicni 1
357 33 Loket
Czech Republic

Tel/Fax: 420 168 684 154

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS -- http://www.dhc.net/~lawrence/Sobotas/Decalogue.html

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