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Making Books: Designs in British Publishing Since 1945

Dear Book Arts Member,

 Oak Knoll Press has recently co-published a book with The British Library
entitled "Making Books: Designs in British Publishing Since 1945" by Alan

Here is more information on the book...

            "...an excellent, modern work in typography and design"
John Lewis

                                     "Making Books
                  Designs in British Publishing Since 1945"

                                     By Alan Bartram

The profound changes in British life and society since 1945 have inevitably
been reflected in the art of publishing. The demise of many small
independent publishers and the incorporation of long-established family
firms into large conglomerates has had an effect on the kind of book found
in bookshops today. The astonishing developments in printing and typesetting
techniques, which bears little resemblance to the methods used fifty years
ago, also has led to a major change in appearance of the book.

In many ways the changes have been profound. Modern developments in
typesetting and printing allow better quality than ever before. Despite
these improvements, many of today's typesetters are missing the basic
training of earlier typographers.

In this stimulating book Alan Bartram sets the current publishing scene in
the context of the best practice of the last fifty years. While emphasizing
that a satisfying book is the result of teamwork between the author, editor,
designer, and printer, Bartram is mainly concerned with its design, and the
creative process that ends with a book that is not only elegant, but has
high standards of readability. Much has changed, but such elementary
requirements for good bookmaking are as relevant today as they ever were.
Well-illustrated, Making Books belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in
typography and book design in today's world. Co-published by Oak Knoll Press
and The British Library.

Alan Bartram is a freelance typographic designer who for the last twenty
years has mainly concerned himself with book design. He is also the author
of several books on vernacular lettering, including Lettering in
Architecture and The English Lettering Tradition. With James Sutton, he is
co-author of An Atlas of Typeforms and Typefaces for Books.

1999, 10" x 10.5", illustrated, 160 pages
Hardcover: 1-884718-93-0 / Order# 55471-EM / Price $39.95 + shipping

Available from:
Oak Knoll Press, 310 Delaware Street, New Castle DE 19720 USA
Phone: (302) 328-7232 / Toll-free 1-800-996-2556 / Fax: (302) 328-7274
Email: oakknoll@oakknoll.com / Web: www.oakknoll.com

Michael Guessford
Publicity & Marketing Director
Oak Knoll Books / Oak Knoll Press / St. Paul's Bibliographies
310 Delaware Street / New Castle DE 19720
Phone:(302)328-7232 or 800-966-2556 / Fax: (302)328-7274

Visit Oak Knoll Press and Oak Knoll Books web site at: http://www.oakknoll.com.

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