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Re: Agent Commissions

Barbara Harman wrote:

> The last time I had anything to do with this (about five years ago) the
> commission was no more than 15%. I would be very interested to hear if you
> have found someone (or several someones) to represent your book art and under
> what terms. Barbara Harman

Some art agents have moved up to 20%.  Just so's you know.  (Just like New York
galleries have upped their percentages too,  I *hear*.  Wouldn't know,  they
don't come beating down *my* door.)  I don't know how negotiable that 20% might
be (would depend on which partner has the best "batna" -- "best alternative to a
negotiated agreement",  as the business class calls it),  but it ought to be
possible to get more bang for that extra five per cent -- demand better service
and advertising and so forth.


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