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Announcing: The Victor Baudin Prize in Lettering and Book Arts.

WOID is proud to announce the institution of a new award: the Victor
Baudin Prize.

The Baudin Prize is named for Jean-Baptiste-Alphonse-Victor Baudin, a
French deputy of the Second Republic. In 1851, during the coup d' etat of
Napoleon III, Baudin was in the working-class area of the Faubourg
Saint-Antoine, calling on the People to rise in defense of the
Constitution.  Unfortunately "the People" had had enough of three years of
savage reprisals from the legitimate government. A woman shouted at
Baudin: "do you think our men will get themselves killed for your perks? -
let me show you, citizens, how we die for our perks," Baudin cried, as he
mounted a barricade with the red-white-and-blue flag in his hand and his
deputy's sash across his breast.  He was buried two days later. His body
now rests in the Pantheon, and of course, there is a street in Paris named
after him.

In honor of this great bourgeois patriot, the Baudin prize is dedicated to
all book artists, lettering artists, artists or admirers of such, who have
fearlessly and tirelessly urged the People to climb upon the barricades
for their perks. Barbara Kruger is not eligible - that would be like
kicking a nun.

The Baudin prize will be awarded sporadically, whenever a worthy recipient
is brought to our attention. The winner will receive a coin suitably
decorated with an Indian Head, a Buffalo, or other appropriate symbol of
unstinting sacrifice for the common good.

Paul Werner, New York City
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