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Re: Copying tightly bound books

While they are hard to find, they still make photocopying machines that
allow a book to be copied when opened at 90 degrees as opposed to fully
open at 180 degrees.  We have one in our campus library and, if you want,
contact me off list and I'll get the manufacturer's name.  Also, there may
still be some of the old (20 yrs or so) machines around that libraries
used to commonly use.


On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Paul Gough wrote:

> I have some rebound library books that have very tight bindings. I would
> like to get some relatively flat copies from the margin area. If the binding
> thread is cut to help the book lie flat for copying, can the book be easily
> resewn together and rebound without having to trim the book again. Any
> alternate suggestions that would allow such copying and do the least damage
> to the book?

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