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Re: Some comments: 'In defense of the book' by W. H. Gass in Harper's Mag.November 1999

Rezan Peya =?UNKNOWN?Q?G=F6k=E7en?= wrote:
> I just read the article entitled 'In Defense Of The Book', written by
> William H. Gass, published by the Harper's Magazine November '99 issue.
I'm in Brazil and i don't know where i can find this essay.
Can anyone help me?
Is there any version on-line?
If not can any good soul to send a copy to:
Adagilson BB Silva
r.80 q.58 bl.01 ap.407, Maranguape I
BR 53441-070 Paulista, Pernambuco

"S'il vous plaît: sent to my fax."


[Adagilson BB Silva]
os meios:
Fax: +1 603-590-5933
ICQ: 36.534.231

a mensagem:
"Caminante no hay caminos, Se hace caminos al andar."

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