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Re: Guest Book pictures

>Gorgeous in a word.


>Would like some more info, though.  What is a magnesium
>die?  And where do you find them?

        It's a stamping die made of magnesium.  We use a company in
Minneapolis called American Engraving.  We send black and white art work
and they turn it into an engraving.  My understanding is that they do this
chemically or by way of photo sensitive materials.  I could be wrong
however.  I just know we send it out and it comes back in a couple days.
        What we get back is a magnesium plate that we mount onto a Kensol
hot foil stamper.  We have also had some smaller dies mounted for use in a
quick print.  But most of the things we send for engraving are too big for
a quick print.

>Also--do you have the address of the Ohio
>Travel Bag company?

        Ohio Travel Bag
        6481 Davis Industrial Parkway
        Solon, OH  44139-3547

        800-800-1941 or 440-498-1955

>How did you attach the latch?

        I used the same upholstery tacks as on the cover.

>Please describe the
>process of transferring carbon copied art to copper with acetone?

        I cleaned the copper with soap and water to remove factory oils.  I
was careful to handle the copper by the edges to keep it clean.  I faced
the photocopy to the copper and from the back side of the copy I used a
cotton ball with acetone.  I just rubbed all over the design and held onto
the paper so it wouldn't move.  It worked well I couldn't rub the toner off
but it does scratch off.  It's *much* easier than trying to trace the

>A really great job!  Thanks for showing us the book and telling how you did

        No problem.


Happiness bought and paid for
is happiness none the less.



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