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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 26 Oct 1999 to 27 Oct 1999

RE: Gass article:
I have the magazine, but have only read the first page of the article so
far.  But I agree with the earlier comments: we truly are blessed in the USA
with libraries and books.  I have always loved books and libraries.  I
worked one summer at our local library and still have a pleasant
relationship with some of the staff after 30 yrs.  And at one time I had the
distinction (dubious, maybe?) of being the patron who took out the most
interlibrary loan books.
The love of books is fortunately shared by my husband and we have passed on
that love to our children. My husband works at Duke University and my
daughter now has a library card there.  Unfortunately, or fortunately!, she
is frustrated because it has too many books and she'll never be able to read
them all!
But, to the point,  our country's strength is our access to information (Ie
books).  It will be interesting how this medium (computers) impacts both
thought and politics globally now that information is available so fast and
to so many people with no censorship.

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