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Spanish book artist in bad translation

Can any of you understand or help this individual?  I forward
his letter, which I received probably because I  am
a bookseller.  I think  he is looking to market his book.
Perhaps several of you who speak Spanish can advise him.
This is obviously a horrendous computer-generated translation
such as the one by Alta Vista.
Regards, Olivia

Here goes:
         Their clients will be happy and satisfied when you
informs them that they are making a very special
         book for the lovers of the reading...
         Thu, 4 Nov 1999 01:16:18 -0300
         "guillermo alberto compte"

 Please, to communicate with us it uses: gcompte@yahoo.com
          I am to writer and Argentinean painter and I am
writing to book call:
It is to very special book because it is to wooden book.
Their format is A5.
Their twenty sheets and their covers have 3 millimeters of
thickness each
one ,con that which we arrive to 66 millimeters of loin.
The interior and external faces of the covers plows painted by
(acrylic) and the whole book this handmade one.
It is an art book, to handmade book and to strange book.
We privilege this presentation type to reinsert the sense of
the tact to
increase the pleasure of the reading.
The forty text pages plows printed on rustic paper and they it
presented ace old and mounted parchments on both faces of each
one of the
interior sheets.
The book is an analysis of the content of the works of
explicitando the direct cultemas or indirectly related with
Necronomicón, the forbidden book. It is to rehearsal that
proposes possible
literary roads to the interested ones in developing the saga
begun by the
Patriarch of the Archaeological Horror.
It is to homage to the great writer and their followers and it
is an
excellent opportunity to know to new type of literary critic
based on the
cultemas hunt (minimum units of cultural transmission, culture
The paintings plows based on descriptions made by the Teacher
of Providence.
Ace each book this fact one to one, you dog print ace much in
English ace in
Spanish ,según the readers they request it.
We have their wisdom and since experience we consider that
each bookseller
is the control of quality of each step from the literary art
to the being
the last judge of the process of the miracle of the reading,
the one that
plays his prestige before each one of the readers.
We believe that each copy, including the shipping and
handling, it will be
in to price located between the fifty and the sixty dollars
(it Leaves to
the public). This will remember with each bookseller
interested in our work.
We will thank their advice, their opinion and their conditions
then it
interests us to have their effort to arrive to the readers for
who our
proposal is worthwhile.
An affectionate greeting.
Guillermo Compte
Garay 254
(1854) Longchamps
Argentina. gcompte@yahoo.com

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