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Re: Alien Song -- Don't sent it!

Tom, whoever you are:

my email program has completely crashed ever since "Alien Song" was
downloaded last night.  It took forever to download - I did not ask for
this, and I had to shut down and re-start my computer FIVE times to attempt
to delete this gremlin.  All I managed to do - finally - was move it into my
"Delete" folder but every time I try to delete it from that, my computer
freezes up again for at least 20 minutes. It's still there and won't go
away.  I'm trying to work at home, I have an slow 14.4 modem on a three year
old Macintosh.

Before reading the email from Michael I thougt it was some weird virus that
entered my computer as a result of the download.

Please don't ever again send something like that to people you don't know
and/or people who haven't requested it.

p.s. my mail program is still not fully functional this morning.

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