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Alienating the Alien Song

Enough already!

Tom T. apologized to the list for sending an attachment.  Does every list member
now have to flame him, the list, or the attachment itself?  Does every list
member need to know YOUR personal experience with the Alien Song?  If you think
it is worthy of public attention, then make a book out of it, print it in some
Martian dialect, bind it in alien skin in a polished titanimum box, and THEN
announce to the list that you just made a book lamenting/celebrating the Alien
Song that wasn't...

I for one would rather have a long attachment than 4.2 megabytes worth of
individual messages saying don't do it again.  I'm sure Tom T. feels bad and it
will never happen again.  But remember, we make mistakes from time to time.  We
are human, not alien.

Now back to the books.  Anyone have a good source for alien leather?  I have a
book based on this personal experience about an email attachment I received


 Eric Alstrom
 Book: Artist / Binder / Conservator
 Hanover, NH

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