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I'm not sure how to ask this question. what sort of
reasoning do people use to justify or explain odd
structures? and do you feel it necessary to explain
it, or do you let it speak for itself, or not care if
it does or not? I ask because I have decided to make a
book (apologies to any Muslims on the list) called
Seven Inequalities of Islam (I might make it rules or
questions instead of inequalities, but that is my
working title). I want to make it in a seven pointed
star, a symbol of Islam. the structure is pages glued
together at the foredge to make an accordian and then
sewed thru the valleys so as to make a spine. it is
very flexible and works well (now I just have to
figure out a relevant sewing pattern and how to
execute it).  one thing I think about a lot is how
structure can express something about the content.
however, I am not sure that my reason for the star
book is worth anything--simply that it came into my
mind and then it tied in that the seven pointed star
is an Islamic symbol. and I liked the way it could be
fully opened or stored like a "regular" book. so I
guess what I am asking is for those of you who use
unusual structures, what kinds of reasoning are behind
it? is it sometimes as flimsy as I feel mine to be? or
do most of you have deeper philospophical reasons I
can't at the moment fathom for these things? :-).

I would be interested in a general discussion about
reasons for unusual structures (and I would love to
discover people who use them just because they can!).
also, about peoples response to them. where I live
right now (Jordan) the concept of a book not being
like a Koran or text book for school, dense and heavy
or a thin, small paperback, is non-existant and indeed
several people have insisted that it can't be a book
unless it is like a text book and has lots of dry
boring writing in it. this list knows differently--but
has anyone dealt with people who really have no clue?
I mean far less clue that your average American or
European who has seen books which are odd for various
reasons (even to just minimal text).

I'm looking forward to people's comments--discussions
on the list are always interesting. thanks.

leilx@yahoo.com  leil lucy alexander   Malka, Irbid, Jordan

I walked in a desert.  And I cried: "Ah, God, take me from this place!"
A voice said: "It is no desert."
I cried: "Well, but--The sand, the heat, the vacant horizon."
A voice said: "It is no desert."
        --Stephen Crane, who never came to the desert
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