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New papermaking book

We would like to let list readers know of a new publication that should be
of wide interest to members of the list. To admit to some bias, the author
is a friend of some twenty years standing, who has devoted a large part of
her life to recording the history of papermaking in India and to reviving
the village papermaking tradition. The book can be obtained through us or
through the publishers - our main concern here is to get the word out. The
price is $135. Please respond to us OFF-LIST for further details.

(PAPERMAKING). Soteriou,Alexandra, The Gift of Conquerors: Hand Papermaking
in India. Newly published in 1999 by Mapin Publishing of Ahmedabab, edition
size not stated (but about 900 copies, according to the author). 26 cm. x
30 cm., 238 pp. with 218 color illustrations, in jacket and slipcase.
        The result of twenty years research by Ms. Soteriou, who has been
enormously influential in reviving the Gandhian village papermaking
tradition in India. To quote the prospectus:

        "Comprehensive and detailed, this book traces the nearly thousand-year
history of papermaking in India from the ancient sites in Gilgit and the
Himalyas, through heartland Mathura, Agra and Dalauttabad to the western
sites in Rajasthan and Gujarat, to Pondicherry on the Bay of Bengal.
        Illustrated with over 200 color photographs, the story is revealed through
India's visual art: books, miniatures, drawings, scrolls, talismans, papier
mache and folk papers. Interwoven with religion, political conquest and
repression, the discovery of papermaking ruins, formulas, methods, memories
and migration routes recalled by traditional papermaking families, _Gift of
Conquerors_ creates a rich historic picture not seen before.
        Readers see ancient birch bark papers, luminous mountain papers, fibrous
pundit papers, the mysterious snake and deer "paper," the classic Muslim
cloth, jute and hemp papers that supported the tradition of India's great
miniature paintings, the Deccan's unique marble paper work, pigeon post and
paper stencils, and learn of ancient paper recycling..." Foreword by Dr,
Annemarie Schimmel.

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