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Being Forwarded Re: Alien Song

I'm going to take a minute to respond to this with this message. Please
folks, lets not turn this into an email discussion.

There are probably quite a few who didn't get this because their provider
has a limit on the size of messages which can be sent and stored. Among
them that I know of are AOL, Hotmail, Juno... and most of the other free
ones. Depending on what software you use for email you can also manually
set a maximum file size limit for yourself. Look under preferences/options
or whatever else there is.


>From: "Mary Jeanne Linford" <mjlinford@worldnet.att.net>
>To: "Book_Arts-L: READ THE FAQ at http://www.philobiblon.com"
>Subject: Re:      Re: alien song?
>Are there people who did NOT receive this file?  Am I not getting
>everything?  I did not receive it and am wondering why, (although I know
>I am lucky in this case) and wonder what else I have missed...

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