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Since you will be reviewing everything ad nauseum, I know you will see
this before it goes to the entire list serv, and I don't seem to have
control over who gets it...I clicked reply to author, however the
address is not Peter V., but another address.

I believe you have taken this route out of anger about the last bit of
inappropriate action on the listserv.  However, think about what
probably has happened.  Many people encountered difficulties
downloading.  (I didn't...I didn't get it...another issue entirely).
They responded.  The listserv posted them.  Some people read their email
every few days, not every day.  Some probably didn't read all of the
messages in the list before they responded. Now, I have a delete button
on my computer and I know how to use it.  I just downloaded 78 messages
after not getting my email for two days.  I read the first few messages,
saw the flow, and deleted all of the rest.  Perhaps there was important
information embedded in those messages.  I don't care.  They were dumb
to put important stuff in a reply.

What I do care about is censorship.  I am firmly in control of my delete
key.  I know when and how to use it.  I don't need you to do it for me.
If you are annoyed about the threads, say so and then use your delete
key.  But now you will have to read and approve of all of the mail, and
I am uncomfortable with that.  What if I discuss something related to
book arts you don't agree with?  It means I am not heard by others who
might be interested.  I know you probably won't be guilty of that, but
it is a slippery slope to start down, believe me.  If you are serious
about this and only intend to delete attachments, I will stay on the
list (even though I wish there was more on the ART side, and the BOOK AS
ART side and less on the mundane).  If you are censoring regular mail,
even threads that are not technically 'book arts', I am off in a New
York minute.


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