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Rare Archimedes Manuscript Reappears


Rare Archimedes Manuscript Reappears

By Tammy Webber
The Associated Press
C H I C A G O,   Nov. 5 - Once thought to be lost forever, an ancient manuscript
containing the works of one of the world's greatest mathematical geniuses has
reappeared - ravaged by years of neglect.
     Scholars who want a glimpse inside the extraordinary mind of Archimedes
     first must remove centuries of grime, soot and mold covering the
     1,000-year-old book, peer through a layer of other writings and piece
     together pages like a puzzle. The manuscript, bought by a private collector
     at an auction last year after disappearing for almost a century, contains
     the only known original Greek copy of Archimedes' theory of flotation and
     his "Method of Mechanical Theorems," an explanation in words and diagrams
     of how he solved abstract problems. It will be on display at the Field
     Museum until Jan. 3, then returned to the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore
     for restoration.

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