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Re: Important Changes at the Last Minute

On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:
> I will "edit:"
> -- Political messages (this is a book arts list)

Peter, would you please clarify this? Not that I have any complaints, I
think you've been quite diplomatic as a rule, but:

There's a naive belief among Americans that "Conservative" politics is not
politics at all: it's the Way It Sposed To be (WIST-ful thinking). So it's
annoying to hear contributors engage in diatribes whose political
dimension is obvious to all but themselves, and who, when challenged,
whine about the "politicizing of this list."

Would the following be a fair distinction?

Asking list-members to protest Indonesian massacres in East
Timor/repression in Cuba: NO.

Pointing out that the Indonesian/Cuban government is engaged in
eliminating resources for book-arts, or suppressing independent presses:

Protesting that such-and-such an art press is about to be evicted due to
gentrification: YES.

Pointing out that the person who has just filed this protest happens to
bear the last name of a family that made a fortune evicting minorities
in order to gentrify another neighborhood: YES.

Engaging in personal attacks, vulgar epithets, or ad personams in any of
the above: NO.

What do you think?

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