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Re: Bookplates(exlibris)

On the subject of bookplates, I received something in the mail from the
Federation International des Societes D'Amateurs D'Exlibris concerning:

A) A conference to be held in Boston beginning August 20
B) A call for entries for a juried exhibition of bookplates. Deadline for
entries is January 15.

For more information write to:

Cambridge Bookplate
PO Box 380340
Cambridge, MA 02238-0340

They have a web address <http://www.bookplate.org> but there is nothing up
at that URL... Got ahead of themselves. The call for entries is quite
specific as to technique and genre. It does note that "Xerox" is not
acceptable. I would expect that to include laser/inkjet... as well.

Contact them for more info. Sounds like it could be fun for many of the
calligraphers/printmakers/printers/artists... amongst us.

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