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Re: Marbled Paper

My own experience with marbling over the years has been consistent problems
with the manufacturers' introduction of buffering agents to make the papers
"acid free". The material, usually calcium carbonate, "rejects" the marbling
inks resulting in ragged spots devoid of color. Additionally, I believe Rives
Heavyweight is sized, however lightly, with hide glue. Just a feeling from
using it because of the way it behaves and its surface qualities. It is made
in France; this is a traditional European paper sizing practice. Ingres
Antique, a German-made pape, also feels this way and resists Turkish
watercolor marbling as well.

Mohawk Superfine is smooth, buffered, acid free and accepts marbling with
watercolor (gouache, in my case) quite consistently. Other good papers I've
used are MBM Arches, Lana Laid, Frankfurt, Strathmore charcoal. These are
laid surface papers, however, and might not be appropriate for your purposes.

One additional comment - Arches Heavyweight seems like a pretty hefty paper
to use in the production of miniature books. Have you considered one of the
lighter weights of paper? Are these being used for endsheets or covering

Paula Marie Gourley

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