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Re: Marbled Paper

Maybe Mowhawk Superfine has changed the buffer/sizing over the past ten
years...........seems it works well for several people now. I will stick
with my Classic papers (unless they ever change!)....the trauma of findin=
papers that work for marbling is such an ordeal. =

If people want smaller quantities of paper from art stores, Canson works,=

also Strathmore charcoal paper works well. I believe they are acid free. =
have never gotten any sketch pad type paper to work, ever. For small scal=
marbling, I recall the first papers I ever did were from a ream of 8 1/2"=
11" Eaton's Highland Linen that I "borrowed" from a place where I worked
back then. It was just typing paper and was really good. Not sure if it's=

acid free these days.

All this seems to be true only of watercolor marbling. Acrylics work bett=
with more papers. I would switch over to them entirely if only I could ge=
a genuine looking reproduction of early papers with them, but they just
don't look right, and certain old patterns such as French Shell and
Stormont don't seem to work well with them at all. If the marbler doesn't=

mind a more modern look, acrylics may work better for them.

Iris Nevins

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