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a marbling question

While we're on the marbling topic:

I have been surveying marblers to find out "Who are we marbling for these=

days". I hope you can participate. From what I see, the marbling markets
have changed somewhat in the past decade, and I'm just curious and know
others are as well. Personally, I marble about 60% for book restorers, 25=
small press, 5% for reproduction, 5% interior decoration and 5% stores. =

Marblers don't need to be "working in the field", just marbling, even if
only for their own use and not for resale. You do not need to report the
amount of sheets you marble annually, nor how much income is derived from=

sales, just percentages.  The survey results will be anonymous, and will =
reported in a future GBW Journal, or on the list as well if people are

The categories are:

Blank Book manufacture
Interior Decoration
Small Presses
Reproduction use
Other - please specify =

Best wishes,

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