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how about if, before we jump to conclusions on how
Peter is going to moderate the list, we wait and see
what he does? in the past, he has only said things
when it was off topic or flaming, and we have no
reason to think that he will change that pattern. he
started this list, which has benefited us all even if
it isn't always what we want it to be (although it is
our list and we can change that at any time!) so trust
him to make good decisions.

and Peter, thank you very much for the time and effort
you devote to this listserv, which is just about to
rocket sky high.


leilx@yahoo.com  leil lucy alexander   Malka, Irbid, Jordan

I walked in a desert.  And I cried: "Ah, God, take me from this place!"
A voice said: "It is no desert."
I cried: "Well, but--The sand, the heat, the vacant horizon."
A voice said: "It is no desert."
        --Stephen Crane, who never came to the desert
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