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Re: Marbleing paper

I believe Neenah makes the Classic papers. Just at the moment I can't
locate my booklet on the papers, but am pretty sure it's that company.

I forgot to mention, for people unfamiliar with the paper....the Classic
Laid has a texture, so does the Linen, but the linen, once marbled is
barely noticeable. It looks smooth unless you look very closely. I use 70=

lb. text weight. The paints sit on the surface so nicely, so crisply, it
has great life. I think it's a great paper.

For those of you who want smaller quantities than a carton of 1000 (and I=

get the 25 X 38, cut in half so must take 2000 per carton) of the 17 1/2 =
22, I always tell new students that they may want to check their local
printers, such as Sir Speedys etc. This is  a very common printing paper,=

printers buy whole cartons and often have excess left after print jobs,
sometimes in very nice colors. Often they are happy to sell this to new
marblers at cost, rather than have it hanging around, or nowadays selling=

it to re-cyclers for less. They are very inexpensive per sheet, maybe abo=
25 or 30 cents.

If you are just starting and are using small sheets, you can also buy
Classic papers in stationary stores as typing paper. They will be lighter=

weight, but that's OK on a small sheet.


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