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Re: Marbled Paper

No I have never used Tableau. I will try it if I ever see it. I am so use=
to the Classic though, so unless it stops working someday, I probably won=
switch. Plus, every time I have had to switch papers, the base color of t=
sheets is always different (I use ivory) and my customers often don't lik=
the change it causes in color tone. My last paper, Hopper Sunray (not aci=
free, but close to it) was a more yellow ivory. The Classic ivory is
whiter. It does alter the color tones. I do so much old style paper I nee=
the ivory to make the end result look a little aged.

I use Permalin ivory at times if someone needs long grain sheets (the
Classic, cut down to 19 X25 yeilds a short grain sheet, and I believe the=
17 1/2 X 22 is also short). That is a really grey ivory. Nice paper, but
what they call 70lb. text is definitely heavier than Classic 70lb. But it=

marbles well. Sometimes it seems like a miracle when we find a paper that=

works....doesn't it?

Iris Nevins

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