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Re: Marbled Paper

I have done a couple of workshops on paper marbling: The water based
techniques for sized paper require a treatment with a mordant such as
alum which is a weakly acidic chemical in solution, to make the dye

I did a suminigashi workshop where we used unsized japanese papers
and the mordant was not needed because of the absorbency of the
paper. Once the thin soft paper has been marbled it can be mounted on
a stiffer acid free cartridge paper for working as covers etc.

I suppose another technique would be to  use a neutralising chemical
such as sodium hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate of soda in the old
talk) or limewater to neutralise the paper after marbling.  The older
marbled papers were often treated with beeswax which must have sealed
them from the air and preserved them. Probably a solution of paraffin
wax in some sort of solvent would make a good seal.

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