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Book and article of interest

Dear Friends
    I've come across two things that might interest the list. One is a
book, fiction,  called Lily of the Valley by Suzanne Strempek Shea. Lily
is an artist living in western Mass who scrapes together a living as a
jack of all trades artist and receives a commission from the richest
woman in town. It's a warm and charming story but what I thought made it
particularly interesting to this group is the struggle between being an
artist and making a living, a topic we have discussed.
    The other item was in the Sunday NY Times on Sept 19 (I've been busy
and haven't kept up with my Sunday reading.) They had a section called
Old Eyes and New in which they "asked an array of recognized artists
from around the world to reimagine milestone moments of the past
millennium." Mike and Doug Starn (p78) did a piece that "represents the
transition of knowledge from scroll to book, from East to West." A
scroll is stretched along two low translucent tables of Chinese design
and then transforms in to a western book which rests on a European style
table. The scroll is made of Mylar with scanned images . The tables are
lit from underneath so the light shines through the scroll and book. It
looks intriguing in the photo. I'd love to see the piece in person.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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