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additions to website

I have just made quite a few additions to my website which you may like to have
a look at.


1. A set of six artist books by Karen Ter Haar 'The Eye of the Dragon'. This
very beautiful set of concertina books was given to my daughter Heidi who
totally finances the website.

2.The exemplar which I did for the latest issue of Somerset Studio, together
with the alternate one which I sent.

3. Two decorated letters pieces by Margaret Pasquill. The Pen and Ink one is
actually black and grey, although the tones are difficult to pick up on the

4. Two pieces of Margaret Pasquill's Versals homework from the course we have
been doing with Jill Colebatch.

5. My contribution to the Dragons' Cave. Heidi will not accept contributions
from anyone whose work appears on the site and asked only for the establishment
of the Dragons' Cave. Each artist whose gallery has been set up is required to
submit at least one dragon related artwork before the end of the year.

6. The Dragon Within is another submission from Karen for the Dragons' Cave -
supberb colour scheme.

7. A Frilled Dragon Lizard by Collene Kalb of this list. Collene's Dragon
Lizard is on vellum.

8. A piece of my own Versals homework which shows how much I badly need more
lessons on these beautiful but difficult letter forms.

I hope you will take time to visit.
montrose, victoria, australia
Australian Horsesports

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