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European whirlwind tour

To respond to Bonnie Thompson Norman's query -

A couple of months ago, I posted a rather extensive Parisian tour suggestion
for someone who was heading there - it should be in the archive. Paul Werner
also has extensive information available on his site.

When going to Amsterdam, you need to visit some of the wonderful bookshops
including Minotaurus Boekwinkel. They carry a lot of fine press books - it's
a great place. I know one printer in Amsterdam - Jan de Jong - who has a
small shop near the train station. Tel: 31/020-625-82-36. His address is
Schippersstraat 11, 1011 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You'd definitely want
to call or write ahead to anyone whom you want to visit - they're all small
operations and don't appreciate drop-ins. And I know Jan is very busy. He has
produced some lovely books on printing and typography, catalogues for major
museums and exhibitions and has things available for sale in his type shop.

A couple of years ago, I met a wonderful woman - Benita Jansma - who's a
bookbinder in Amsterdam. Her number is 31/020-6947-212. And there is another,
Pau Groenendijk, whose address I don't have handy. I did visit her studio
when there about two years ago - a warm and welcoming person, like every
Dutch person I have ever met.

In Holland, you should also try to visit the Meermanno Museum of the Book in
Den Haag (The Hague) as well as the Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National
Library of the Netherlands. Jan Storm van Leeuwen is the head of Special
Collections at the KB. Again, call ahead. These two places are within close
walking distance on the same large street - and there's a great place for
poffetrjes (puffed pancakes) in a little restaurant in between, It's in a
large parklike area just along the street. Do it! It's heavenly.

In Florence, there is the shop of Giulio Giannini just by the Ponte Vecchio
and the lovely marbled papers in the Il Papiro shops. There are many shops
with fine printed papers and books all along every street in Florence, it
seems, but I don't know any of the craftspeople. Venice  also abounds with
shops and studios. The president of Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art in Italy is
Gabriele Giannini - might be able to steer you to some individuals to visit.
The address is c/o Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Castello 4778, I-30122
Venezia Italia.

Hope this helps. Maybe I should just write a guidebook.
Paula Marie Gourley

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