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San Francisco show

Hello everybody!

If you missed my previous gingham shows (or if you just gotta see my
gingham work again!)... I have seven pieces in this exhibit:

Mills Building
220 Montgomery
San Francisco CA
through 28 January 2000

The Mills Building is an office building in San Francisco's downtown
financial district, so "gallery hours" for this show are longer than most;
I don't have the specific hours but I'm sure the building is open slightly
before and after during normal business hours. The show extends throughout
the long skinny lobby area, so make sure you keep walking to see all of it.
There are eight other artists in this show, all doing very interesting
work. Check it out!

More info: Artsource Consulting 415.399.0333

* * *

As for that Istanbul opening I keep teasing you about... due to
earthquake(s) it has been postponed a few months. I'll be sure to let you
know when it happens!

* * *

Finally here is that *holiday shopping* plug (thought you could escape?):
Art makes a great gift! After you see the Mills Building show, you can walk
on over to Braunstein/Quay Gallery & ask to see other gingham pieces,
including some of my more affordable gingham box works. 430 Clementina
between 5th & 6th Streets, 415.278.9850

Of course I always have Cheap Art available, including the infamous "MY
FAMILY IS DRIVING ME CRAZY" pencils, half a dozen for $5.50, postage paid.
CA residents add $0.41 tax. Ask me for more info about other Cheap Art
offerings, as well as artists books.

You can also see a few examples of my gingham work in this month's Surface
Design Journal.

If you're on my list & you don't want to be, just let me know. (If you're
getting this as a listserv posting, that's a different story.)

Thanks for your support!

Indigo Som

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