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WOID Archives moved

Archives for WOID are no longer available through onelist.com. To simplify
access they have been moved to my own web site, listed below.

Coming shortly on WOID: reviews and listings of contemporary Taiwanese
calligraphy, embroidered texts in SoHo, the books of Francesco Clemente,
manuscripts from Lisbon, AND the first Victor Baudin Award...

Paul Werner, New York City
     DRAGONSBLOOD AND ASHES: a project to research and teach the
techniques of the Medieval scribe and artist.
     THE ORANGE PRESS: most recent titles: "Vellum Preparation:
History and Technique," and "Dragonsblood and Ashes: the Beta
     WOID: a journal of visual language in New York, including reviews,
listings and resources.

            BOOK_ARTS-L: The listserv for all the book arts.
      For subscription information, the Archive, and other related
            resources and links go to the Book_Arts-L FAQ at:

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