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New Antiquarian Booklists Service

Now a new service has been established to offer the high quality,
Antiquarian Bookseller catalogues you found on ABAA-booknet -- The
BookMarque Network, http://BookMarque.Net  We are currently offering the
following outstanding lists:=20

                        J & J Lubrano-Music Antiquarians
                           Catalogue 56 =BB=AB Nov 16, 1999
                     Rare Printed Music & Musical Literature
                         Musical Autographs & Manuscripts
                             100 Recent Acquisitions

                                 Rockland Bookman
                           Catalog 26W =BB=AB Nov 16, 1999
                               Manuscripts & Books
      Plus 4 Additional Catalogs     http://BookMarque.Net/Rockland

                                 Jonathan A. Hill
                          Catalogue 129W =BB=AB Nov 16, 1999
                             I00 BOOKS NEWLY ACQUIRED
      Plus 3 Additional Catalogues      http://BookMarque.Net/J.Hill

                          Catalogue 25N =BB=AB Oct 27, 1999
                              CATALOGUE TWENTY-FIVE

                             J. Tuttle Maritime Books
                          Catalogue 98W =BB=AB Oct 19, 1999
    Plus 3 Additional Catalogues   http://BookMarque.Net/TuttleMaritime

                              LEN UNGER - RARE BOOKS
                           Catalog 25e =BB=AB Oct 16, 1999

                                 Bennett Gilbert
                      Library List WebStock3 =BB=AB Oct 16, 1999
                               Web Stock List Three
     Plus 20 Additional Library Lists     http://BookMarque.Net/Gilbert

                          Marilyn Braiterman Rare Books
                           Catalogue 22 =BB=AB Sep 28, 1999

                           Edward N. Bomsey Autographs
                             List 62W =BB=AB Sep 21, 1999
       Plus 3 Additional Lists      http://BookMarque.Net/Bomsey

                           B & L Rootenberg Rare Books
                            Web List 4 =BB=AB Jul 5, 1999
                                  WEB LIST FOUR

                                    THE BOOKMARQUE NETWORK =BB =BB =BB =BB

Please reply to booknet@rmharris.com, not the list for information or

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   **  phone: +1(301)494-0950   (410)535-2292  fax: (410)535-3004   **
     **   http://BookMarque.Net               http://ilab.org    **
        **           http://booknet-international.com          **
            **    The Antiquarian Booksellers' Web Sites   **

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