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Re: Inks

I have a pamphlet out, "Dragonsblood and Ashes," which reprints articles I
wrote on medieval inks and on gilding - check my site, or get it from
Kremer Pigmente. Also, I'll be giving my "Dragonsblood" Workshop at the
Brooklyn Public Library on Dec.  11, dealing with the same issues, and

At any rate medieval inks (made from ferrous sulphate and tannin), are
extremely easy and cheap to make and you can find recipes in any number of
sources. As for the gilding: Brother Peter has already pointed out
the difference between "shell" (powdered) gold and gold leaf, but it
bears repeating that gold leaf recipes need *not* involve white lead,
which is very dangerous. There are terrific recipes for gold leaf gilding
involving garlic juice, rotten apples, and a few other ickies we won't get

Paul Werner, New York City http://pages.nyu.edu/~ptw1
     DRAGONSBLOOD AND ASHES: a project to research and teach the
techniques of the Medieval scribe and artist.
     THE ORANGE PRESS: most recent titles: "Vellum Preparation:
History and Technique," and "Dragonsblood and Ashes: the Beta
     WOID: a journal of visual language in New York, including reviews,
listings and resources.

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