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Re: Inks

>At any rate medieval inks (made from ferrous sulphate and tannin), are

Of course, those are the ones that ate through the vellum, leaving nothing but spaces where the letter used to be! I recommend the chinese carbon based inkstick with water and a bit of gum arabic, if required (only if the dried ink smudges on the page)...

>extremely easy and cheap to make and you can find recipes in any number of
>sources. As for the gilding: Brother Peter has already pointed out
>the difference between "shell" (powdered) gold and gold leaf, but it
>bears repeating that gold leaf recipes need *not* involve white lead,
>which is very dangerous. There are terrific recipes for gold leaf gilding
>involving garlic juice, rotten apples, and a few other ickies we won't get

Yes, well, the hazards of the profession, eh? Just don't lick your fingers ;-) (No seriously, it's bad for you and the cat and the baby. Be careful with real materials. The OSHA and EPA can't help you in the 12th century!)

There are a number of people who have done passable gilding with acrylic gesso, but for the real thing, there's nothing like the real thing!

The garlic juice is a variation on gum ammoniac, used on a flat surface and to good effect, but never to the true exaltation of the gold that the plaster gesso achieves.

Reggie Ezell, of Chicago has taught workshops around the country on both traditional and 'modern' methods, to good effect. However, as a letter person, I have to say that all too often, the gold is laid on in order to hide bad lettering ;-)

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