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Debinding Books.

Hello there!

I have zero experience with restoring books. However, I am careful and am a
quick learner. I do not expect people to walk me through every little step,
but if someone can point me in the right direction that would be most helpful.

I am working on a project that may require me to pull a book apart. I hate
to do this to a perfectly good book, but I have to scan the entire book. I
am using OCR software to put the text into a word processor. I am then
going to make the book available, for free, via the Internet (with the
author's blessings)!

I am attempting to figure out how to remove the binding from the book
without destroying the pages. I have a flat bed scanner and this 500 page
book is just a real pain to work with while it's still bound. The curved
pages of a bound book also interfere with the accuracy of the OCR software.
I have two other books (300 pages and 200 pages) that I also have to do.
They have been bound similarly. I will have them rebound when I am finished
with my project.

The book is bound with both glue and with what appears to be a type of
carpet thread. This tread doesn't feel like either plain nylon or cotton
thread. The thread is easy enough to remove but the glue is trickier. A
razor blade? A solvent? Heat?

Any help on this problem, or suitable alternative suggestions, will be most

Thank you,
Tara D. Fields
Non-Profit History and Genealogy

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