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Re: Debinding Books.

>The book is bound with both glue and with what appears to be a type of
>carpet thread. This tread doesn't feel like either plain nylon or cotton
>thread. The thread is easy enough to remove but the glue is trickier. A
>razor blade? A solvent? Heat?
>Any help on this problem, or suitable alternative suggestions, will be most

We generally use a Jiffy steamer.  You can find them in the occasional
Fingerhut catalog (best price found so far) or from a company called
Hershey Levinson (312)-226-7100 in Chicago.  If this is a one time gig you
might just want a little hand held model that's sold to travelers to steam
suits and the like.  I would think they would be less expensive.  Jiffys
usually run in the $150 - $225 range depending on size and who's selling.


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