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Art Books Pricing Question

Hi everyone,

I am hoping some of you would be kind enough to give me some feedback.  I
know this topic has come up before because I checked the archives.
However, as a newbee I did not find enough information to have even a
ballpark idea of what I should be charging for my art books. I am hoping
that I can tell you a bit about myself and what I am doing.  Then,
perhaps some of you would be willing to give me some ideas in genuine
round figures?  In other words, what size and thickness and kind of
artwork you do and what do you actually charge in the city in which you
work?  What kind of binding and materials do you use?  How many hours do
you work on each book that you sell for X dollars?  I was hoping for some
concrete examples.

I have been a writer and artist/fine crafts person for many years.  This
year I made the leap and quit my well paying secure computer industry
job, where I worked as a system administrator, to write full time.  I
tried to give up my art to concentrate on my writing, but as the weeks
passed, I longed to work with paper and images again.

That's when I discovered, seemingly by complete chance, book arts. I
thought this medium would be a wonderful way to combine my writing and my
art into one artistic discipline.  That I can do both writing and art as
well as include my love of books (at three I begged my parents to teach
me to read, because I loved books so much!) seems too good to be true.
I have become totally thrilled with what I have seen other book artists

I am so enthusiastic that I already have one shop which would like to
carry my art books and also two commissions.

My concern is pricing.  I certainly would not want to undersell my work,
but since I am just starting out, I do not want to overprice either. I am
in Sacramento, California and will be selling locally while promoting
myself locally and over the internet.  I will be working completely out
of my home studio.

I would so appreciate any pricing ideas you have to offer.  Normally, I
would try to take classes or talk to local artists to get ideas of
prices, but I must produce as much as I can before the holidays so I am
making haste.  If this discussion is not appropriate for this list,
please email me directly and my apologies ahead of time for any

Very gratefully yours,

Karen Watson

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