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Re: Debinding Books.

Dear Tara,

I have some experience with scanning, and have found that I often get good
results by photocopying the book first--especially if you have access to a
copier at a library with a book cradle.  You can adjust the contrast on the
photocopies, too.  I've found that the scanner and OCR software often read
the photocopies better than the pages in the book--and the copies fit into
the scanner easier.  Of course you have the added time & expense of the
photocopying, but it might work out, considering the time and effort of
disbinding and rebinding.  And, if you're careful, the book remains in good
shape through the copying.

Hope this helps,
Heather Hawkins, Technical Services Librarian    "You're right, Ray,
J. Porter Shaw Library                            no *human* would stack
SF Maritime National Historical Park              books like that!"
hawkins@wenet.net, heather_hawkins@nps.gov          --Ghostbusters.

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