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Re: inks

If Corey Minch is asking about medieval writing inks, I can recommend Les
encres noires au moyen age (jusqu'a 1600) by Monique Zerdoun Bat-Yehouda.
(Editions du CNRS, Paris. 1983. ISBN 2-222-02972-4). This monograph contains
practically every manuscript ink recipe from the ancient world to the end of
the 16th c., & includes Asian & Hebrew recipes as well as the usual European
ones. All the recipes are given in their original language (except for
Chinese & Japanese) and then translated into French. There's a 28 page

The Craft of Old-Master Drawings by James Watrous (U. of Wisconsin Press,
Madison. 1967. No ISBN. Out of print) contains a chapter on inks for drawing
which can also be used for writing. The Watrous book has specific formulas &
a table describing the appearance of 5 different inks after 12 years (p. 72).

For the application of gold leaf (gilding) I would recommend The
Calligrapher's Handbook, ed. by Heather Child (A & C Black, London. 1985.
Also published in the U.S. but I don't have that reference). There is an
excellent chapter by Donald Jackson all forms of gilding.

Good luck in your endeavors.

R. Williams

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