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Inks - Thank you

Hello all again,

I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me with supplying me with
information on Inks.
I am planning to make some books in which I plan to illuminate the herbs and
recipies I have
collected over 12 years.  As were I am knew to book making I am filled with
questions but
the answers are coming slowly, and I know I have my work cut out on such a
project.  The Book
I am planning I want to have it on Parchment with about 400 some pages,
using steamed Beech,
as I was told that Oak was not a good choice if I want it to last for a long
time and is not as brittle
as Oak.

Well thank you all agin and I hope that I will be able to help someone else
out sometime. I can help translate
some languages if some one needs it or if they are looking for a good Herbal
remedy or info I would be glad to
help.  I live in Germany currently so if you need something from this end of
the woods just drop me a line.

Corey A. Minch

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